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A world leading technical service provider

We are a world leading provider of marine and offshore technical operating solutions and consultancy, helping our clients achieve safe, efficient operation of their vessels, terminals and offshore assets.

Oil & Gas operating and training manuals and consultancy services


At WMT Oil & Gas we’re a world leading provider of technical documentation and training manuals for the offshore Oil and Gas sector. We have been helping our clients to improve their technical operations and providing them with the documents they need to ensure safe operations. Our products include bespoke operating manual suites, production of legally required documentation, Competency Based Training (CBT) software training packages and engineering consultancy services.

Whether you need technical documents to comply with legislation, are looking for a company to create operating procedures or need training manuals for your equipment, we can help. At WMT Oil & Gas we have been helping clients all over the world with their documentation and training needs since 1993.

Whether you are an owner, operator or builder, you will benefit from our expert services!