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Operating Procedures

Ship-Specific Procedures

Our Ship-Specific procedures are developed from information and data contained in the shipyard and manufacturer’s documentation, combined with our wealth of seafaring expertise and hands-on survey verification visits to the vessels during the project.

Cargo, Deck and Engine Room System Manuals

WMT produce clear and concise technical system operating manuals, with specific
instructions aided by detailed illustrations that provide a one-stop point of reference for all technical equipment and systems on board for the guidance of the ship’s officers and crew. This aids fast familiarisation of the ship for safe operation, helping to reduce the likelihood of incidents and accidents.

Process System Procedure Manuals

WMTs Process Group is equipped with hands-on industry knowledge, technical expertise and an awareness of industry developments and best practice. This combination provides an exceptional service that delivers significant safety, efficiency and cost-saving benefits to our clients in the production of complex process procedure manuals.

Fire and Safety Training Manuals

Required by SOLAS regulations, these are designed to be simple and direct manuals
covering a wide scope of material, but illustrated and written to appear both attractive and informative to all ship’s staff. The subjects are broken down into topical areas which can be used for on board training to all.

Field Start-Up Procedures

The initial start-up of an offshore production facility when hydrocarbons are produced for the first time is one of the most challenging and hazardous periods in the operational life of the facility. Special procedures are written for the initial start-up and these differ in important ways from the normal operating procedures. WMT’s Process team will ensure that the Start-Up Manual is in place, on time, technically accurate, and user-friendly to the personnel on board.