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Turn your product’s CAD data into beautiful photorealistic product renders.

We’ve perfected the process of creating 3D product renders from our client’s CAD data. Once we’ve created a photo-real digital asset from your product you can continue to re-use that asset for additional photography, animated product tours, mechanism of action animations and VR presentations.

Send us your CAD files and we will turn-around photo-real stills for Web and Print, and dynamic animations of your product in action.

Providing a blend of engineering and visualisation skills 

We are sea-going personnel with extensive operational experience within marine, engineering and design. WMT is primarily project oriented we utilise the speed and flexibility a small company naturally has.

We use software that is designed to model and animate at speed so you can plan, optimise, revise and quickly implement your design.

Typical projects that we work on could be anything from a pure visualisation of a vessel just based on existing drawings or photographs, concept development work based on a sketch, all the way through to final as-built design and visualisation.

Fire Control Station

Here we have a quick fly through introduction animation to a Fire Control Station. This Animation formed part of a larger bespoke safety package for a client who wanted to effectively skill up new crew members. Check it out!

A quick overview of our process

There is a lot more involved than the 4 steps below, but we find this quick image sequence works well to describe our workflow.


  1. We take high dynamic range photos of a suitable location as described in your brief.
  2. We then either process you CAD data, or as in this case, we create a custom 3D model matching your design dimensions accurately.
  3. We will then start to bring the image to life by carefully lighting and matching the colours/materials to your design specifications. Here we carefully define surfaces for a realistic representation of your product.
  4. With a final colour grade and the all important contact shadows, our work is done!

Here we have a selection of images taken from some of our projects.

Our main aim is to produce cost effective imagery that fulfil your brief and help you achieve your goals. 


wmt-visualisation-001These lifeboat visuals were part of a safety presentation.


wmt-visualisation-002This tanker was part of a visualisation project for a client who needed to explore design concepts before heading to dry-dock.


wmt-visualisation-003A render of a custom built 3D model for marketing purposes. This needed to be created before the product had started the manufacturing process.


wmt-visualisation-004This bridge console formed part of a VR experience.


wmt-visualisation-005aHere we have an extract from some educational material that explained the inner workings of a typical sea water strainer.


wmt-visualisation-006A product pre-visual in collaboration with our client's design team.


wmt-visualisation-007Marketing image showing how a typical cruise ship cabin could look for passengers.