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We bring a high degree of operational experience to the learning process, to provide a range of training and competency assessment options.​​


  • Ship familiarisation​ app
  • Computer-based Training (CBT) and e-learning packages​
  • Competence assurance systems
  • Bespoke trainers' packages for clients' process systems​
  • Instructor-led training courses​
  • Development of assessment and training materials
  • Provision of assessors​
  • Skills assessments and development plans
  • On-the-job training

Computer based training and e-learning packages

Computer Based Training (CBT) has real benefits for training of personnel as the training can take place remotely, and can be completed as and when time permits. CBT is particularly suited to the familiarisation of new operators with company procedures and technical systems. This helps ship operation to be safer and more efficient.​

WMT’s CBT software is an industry leading e-learning tool that allows new personnel on board to learn and be tested on different aspects of the vessel depending on their position.

It is designed as a quiz but the user has access at all times to the operating manual so he or she can look for the information before (or after) answering each question. Answers given by each user are recorded and a report can be generated based on this data.

The CBT software is designed to be used on a network folder so all candidates’ progress can be centralised and easily accessed by the on board administrator.

Familiarisation Training​

Our familiarisation program provides an extremely effective means of ensuring rapid equipment familiarisation. A thorough induction and familiarisation program on board ensures that new staff are familiarised with equipment and systems as quickly as possible and for safer operation.

Competency Assessment​

We provide specific on-board competency training systems enabling training to be delivered at the workplace, increasing effectiveness and retention. Combining technical information with self-assessment questions offers staff the chance to learn or refresh knowledge, while significantly reducing the training workload for supervisors.

Training Materials and Delivery​

We provide high-quality customised training content to the Marine, Oil and Gas sectors, starting from the basic fundamentals - delivered digitally, through to on-site installation-specific courses for complex process plant familiarisation and operation.

Assessors and Verifiers​

Our qualified assessors and verifiers can execute competency assessment programs aligned to company requirements. We act as a source of expertise on practical and implementation aspects of competency assessment and verification for your company.