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Technical and marine operations manuals for:

  • Wind Turbine Installation Vessels (WTIVs) and MODU as required
  • Service Operations Vessels (SOVs)
  • Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs)
  • Dive Support Vessels (DSVs)
  • Cable Laying Vessels
  • Offshore Substations

Vessel and Asset Specific Procedures

Our vessel and asset specific procedures are developed using builder’s and manufacturer’s documentation. Additionally, our marine and offshore specialists also perform survey visits to your vessel or asset to ensure technically accurate 'as-fitted' documentation.

Jacking Procedures and Competency

Jacking activities present significant risks if not carried out safely and in accordance with the design parameters of the vessel. We produce jacking procedures to facilitate safe and effective operations:

  • WTIV Jacking Procedures
  • WTIV Jacking Competency and Training Manual
  • Offshore Renewable Wind Energy Training
  • WTIV, SOV and CTV operations
  • HVDC/HVAC electrical substations and equipment
  • Cable trenching equipment
  • Wind turbine arrangements, types, installations
  • Cable arrays and configurations

Inshore, Offshore and Floating Wind Turbine Generators (WTGs)

We produce marine turbine / substation installation procedures for inshore, offshore and floating wind turbine projects:

  • Marine work scope with documentation reviews along with requirements (eg. Anchor Handling), method statements, checklists
  • Jack-Up Barge / WTIV deck layout for Positioning TP (Transition Piece)
  • Towing plan method statements, inspection and checklists
  • Floating turbine tow-out work scope and procedures
  • Work scope for pre-laying anchors
  • Low Voltage Riding Through (LVRT) test procedures
  • Cable pull-in and installation
  • Cable trenching equipment
  • On-site execution

HVAC / HVDC Offshore Substations

  • Operations Manuals for Offshore High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) and High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC)
  • System FMECAs
  • Offshore substation maintenance schedules and checklists