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Copenhagen Visit 2024

Posted by: Fabio Reginatto July 04 2024


Last week, I had a highly productive two-day visit to Copenhagen, where I met with two of our key clients: Cadeler and Maersk Line. The primary goals of this trip were to strengthen our relationships, review ongoing projects, and explore future collaboration opportunities.

cadeler-office-2On the first day, I arrived in Copenhagen and headed straight to the office of Cadeler. Our meeting focused on their current project with WMT and possible future collaborations. We reviewed the progress and discussed some challenges they were facing with integration and scalability. Together, we brainstormed potential solutions and agreed on a plan to enhance the system architecture. The Cadeler team appreciated our proactive approach and technical insights, which reinforced our commitment to their success.

Maersk Line

On the second day, I conducted a workshop with Maersk Line, a company dedicated to sustainable shipping solutions. The workshop was centred on collection feedback on our current project, as well as hearing from them their requirements for developing a digital platform applied to the operating manuals WMT produces, as well as for real-time monitoring and optimization. Both teams engaged in an interactive session, sharing expertise and ideas. We identified critical features, discussed user interface design, and mapped out potential obstacles. By the end of the day, we had agreed on a second visit within a few weeks to enable us to outline the next steps, timelines, and responsibilities.


Overall, the visit was a resounding success. It not only solidified our relationships with these key clients but also provided valuable insights into their evolving needs. The collaborative spirit and constructive feedback received will undoubtedly shape our approach in the coming months, setting the stage for continued innovation and successful project outcomes.

We hope to continue with a great working relationship with these 2 giants of the industry and we look forward to going back to set the next steps.