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    CARNIVAL - LNG Powered Cruise Ship

    wmt-marine-clients-case-studies-carnival-lngPassengers on board Carnival cruise ships can relax - knowing that that WMT produced the Technical Operating Manuals for Carnival’s fleet of cruise ships!

    USA-headquartered Carnival Corporation commissioned WMT to produce a comprehensive set of Technical Operating Manuals for their industry-leading new-build programme of 9 x LNG powered, 6500 passenger / 2000 crew, cruise ships set across 4 Carnival brands: Aida Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, P&O Cruises.

    Having worked with Carnival on their new build projects for over 20 years, WMT knew the high levels of safety and detail that Carnival expected. There was no time for chilling by the pool for WMT’s marine experts!

    The project was technically complex, being the largest LNG powered cruise ships built to-date. Although all sisters are designed to a similar specification, each vessel is tailored to suit their individual markets.

    WMT’s project team comprised Marine Engineers, Deck Officers and Electro Technical Officers and LNG experts - who first worked to produce the operating manuals for the lead vessel. The manuals for the sisters were then each individually adapted according to the ship specific design, layouts and systems.

    Our verification teams sailed on board each vessel upon entering service to verify all procedures under actual operating conditions, ensuring all processes were correct and reflected the as-fitted systems and equipment. The manuals covered all ship-specific equipment and facilities on board, including machinery, electrical, navigation, hotel, safety and SRtP.

    As standard, WMT met the deadlines and delivered our high-quality services on schedule and to the Owners full satisfaction. Another happy Owner and Crew!

    Contact us today to see how we can help your crew achieve safe and efficient operations of your passenger ships!

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